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Our team at Orange Offroad has generations of knowledge to share with you. Not only do we have over 30 years of off-road driving experience, we also have outdoor adventuring in our blood. Our owner, John, was raised to be an overlander and an outdoorsman. Growing up, he learned all about outdoor living, camping, and driving from his father who was raised on a rural Kentucky farm during the depression and World War Two. John created Orange Offload to share that rugged adventure lifestyle with others.
In 1998 John moved to the location of Orange Offroad in Aldie VA, to what is now the family farm.

We offer a unique and fun experience of touring to local vineyards in vintage open top Land Rovers, as well as picnics on the farm. Also, we offer classes in how to drive offroad.

From John…
"This is what we do. We are so fortunate to have our farm. Fields, woods, creeks…getting outside and letting the kids play and have fun. Evenings listening to the wind in the trees and the birds and crickets and watching fireflies.

We want to share this with you. These experiences that become memories.

Its not a big farm or a big offroad trail. But its just right to share and teach.

Come on out and see for yourself. Always family friendly, always welcoming. Leave the urban stress and rush behind and come on out to the country and relax and have good time with us."